The Rascal

Reforming the Rascal

Grace Crabtree has no need of a man. Except Morrow Creek's reprobate saloon keeper, Jack Murphy, keeps getting in her way. She's bewildered as to why she can't stop thinking about his infuriatingly handsome face. So Grace will use her feminine charms to reform him—once she works out exactly what feminine charms are!

Jack's determined to find Grace a husband who'll keep her under control. But looking around the town, no man seems quite worthy of this spiky, tempting, glorious woman. So maybe he'll just have to settle her hash himself...

Rave Reviews for The Rascal

"The Rascal is one of the funniest historical novels I've ever read. I couldn't wait to see what Grace and Jack would be up to next!" —Romance Junkies (4 Blue Ribbons rating!)

"This is a truly wonderful, tender, heartwarming, funny and feel-good story. We have all come to know and love a Lisa Plumley story, and The Rascal is a gem. At the end, you're smiling with a warm heart and a tender sigh. You'll enjoy this lighthearted historical romance!" —Fresh Fiction

"The old west setting comes to vivid life in Plumley's skilled hands, making The Rascal another lively, humorous and thoroughly enjoyable historical romance." —Bookloons

"The Rascal is a great book, filled with tenderness, love and some laughs, too. I definitely recommend reading this delightful romance!" —Romance Reader at Heart (Four-Rose Read!)

"A charming, humorous, and enjoyable read!" —Romantic Times

"This skilled author always writes an enjoyable, well rounded book, filling the pages with equal parts humor, romance, touching moments, and memorable characters. Fans will surely want to add The Rascal to their collection of Plumley favorites!" —Reader to Reader/New and Previously Owned Books

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