Perfect Together

Nationally bestselling author Lisa Plumley has charmed readers and critics alike with her gift for sparkling screwball romance. Now, she turns reality TV upside down with a totally different take on prime-time love...

After her long-running sitcom is cancelled, actress Marley Madison finds herself a typecast has-been at the ripe old age of twenty-seven. Her career needs a jump-start, fast—and an incognito appearance on the hit reality game show Dream Date will prove her acting ability to the world. But before long, she finds herself wanting to prove something entirely different to her fellow contestant, Jake Jarvis. There's something decidedly un-Hollywood about Jake, a sportscaster whose laid-back charm belies something deeper than an intimate understanding of box scores. And the better Marley gets to know him, the harder it is to remember her motivation. Because she's beginning to realize that what makes her career could break both their hearts—if reality and honesty are on different wavelengths...

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Rave Reviews for Perfect Together

"Perfect Together is a perfectly spontaneous, perfectly fun fish-out-of-water splash!" —Stephanie Bond, author of I Think I Love You

"Engaging, well-developed protagonists and an abundance of appealing secondary characters, especially an adorable four-year-old and the heroine's geeky twin sister, who definitely needs her own story, add to the fun. This effervescent and heartwarming comedy will appeal to fans of Rachel Gibson and Elizabeth Bevarly." —Library Journal

"Four stars! Lisa Plumley is a comedic buried treasure! Screwball comedy with sizzle, Perfect Together blends laugh-out-loud antics and touching romance." —Romantic Times

"Perfect Together is the perfect recipe for an entertaining and satisfying romantic read. I'm hastily jotting down this author's backlist for my next trip to the bookstore, because this one was so delightful." —The Romance Reader's Connection

"Lisa Plumley scores another big winner with Perfect Together. An ensemble of fabulous characters, smart and often very funny dialogue, fine pacing and some great comedic scenes is an expert combination that will often have you laughing out loud and smiling long after you turn the last page." —Bookloons

"Plumley's humor sparkles in this thoroughly engaging tale about what's real and what isn't." —Booklist (starred review)

"Plumley is becoming a master at blending silly and poignant. She hits all the marks with 'Perfect Together!'"The Oakland Press newspaper

"Charming, bubbly and personable, 'Perfect Together' is the sweetest read of this latest bunch. Blessed with two lovable leads and the too-sweet-for-words Noah Jarvis (Jake's son), 'Perfect Together' will have readers rooting for the pair from the get-go." —Pittsburgh Post-Gazette newspaper

"A sure fire hit! A slick plot, enticing characterizations, plentiful humorous moments, and pulsating romance make Perfect Together simply perfect for the readers." —The Road to Romance

"Hilarious! If you weren't already a fan of Lisa Plumley you will be after reading this. Lisa Plumley and romantic comedy are 'perfect together.'" —Reader to Reader/New and Previously Owned Books

"Perfect Together is tons of fun! Don't miss this fun-filled, sexy, romantic comedy with nonstop action and characters who remind me of Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan at their romantic best. Pure delight!" —Old Book Barn Gazette

"Amusing contemporary romance! The audience...will look forward to the sequel starring the twin in her shoes. Five stars!" —Harriet Klausner, The Best Reviews

"This is romance at its best. Sparkling, witty, fun and passionate... Lisa Plumley just keeps getting better and better, and if you haven't tried one of her stories, you're missing out on an excellent read. Perfect Together lives up to its name. It's 'perfect.'" —A Romance Review

"An amusing summer read —very highly recommended! Plumley's prose sparkles with levity and wit...a delightful contemporary comedy." —Wordweaving

"Perfect Together is another contemporary romantic comedy by Lisa Plumley that truly makes you laugh. The best way to describe this book: quirky and fun!" —The State newspaper

"Perfect Together is Lisa Plumley at her best...absolutely one of the most fun reads I've had. I urge you not to miss this one!" —Romance Reviews Today

"Addictive and charming...with a frequent giggle along the way." —

"Perfect the funniest book I've read in ages! A hilarious, fast-paced, romantic comedy about two mismatched people who have more in common than either could ever imagine. Lisa Plumley has a hit in this, her latest offering." —The Word on Romance

"Perfect Together is filled with witty dialogue, a few well-placed heart-tugging moments, lovable secondary characters who beg for stories of their own, and plotting that is smooth and imaginative. It's, in a word, perfect!" —AOL Romance Fiction Forum

"I enjoyed this book from beginning to end!" —Romance and Friends

"This book had me laughing from the first page —Lisa Plumley does a great job of creating characters with intelligence; charm; sizzling sensuality...and an abundance of humor... This is the first book I've read by Ms. Plumley—but I can guarantee it won't be my last! A very enjoyable read!" —Romance Designs

"Perfect Together works for an easy summer read!" —The Romance Reader

"Ms. Plumley's book is a rollicking, witty, wickedly funny story of someone who's been groomed since childhood to be a "star" and lands on earth with a resounding thud when she has to live as an "ordinary person." I could not put this book down and I could not quit laughing. Don't miss Perfect Together!" —Writers Unlimited

"A lighthearted, fun-filled romp where two very unlikely characters capture your heart and have you rooting for them to get together. I enjoyed Perfect Together tremendously!" —

"Lisa Plumley's romances are always filled with funny, quirky characters that endear themselves quickly to readers." —The Pilot newspaper

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