Perfect Switch

Are you ready for the fantasy of a lifetime?

So asks the invitation Meredith Madison finds while house-sitting for her TV-star twin sister, Marley. Admittedly, her life could use a little —okay, a lot —more excitement. Glamorous, talented Marley has always owned the spotlight, leaving Meredith to fill the role of jeans-and-tee-shirt brainiac/wallflower. Weary of living in her sister's shadow, Meredith decides to grab the chance to step into Marley's Jimmy Choos. And when a limo arrives to carry her away to her "fantasy," the guy in the back seat is dream-come-true number one...

Entrepreneur Tony Valentine has spent his adult life avoiding Hollywood —yet here he is, trying to rescue his family's floundering movie studio. His idea for an actor fantasy camp is the perfect plan...but something isn't right about his headlining celebrity instructor, Marley Madison. Sure, stars sometimes dress down, but she looks a tad too familiar with the softer side of Sears. The woman's klutzy, awkward, and adorable. This can't really be Marley...can it? Whoever she is, she's going to have to charm the wealthy "campers" into believing her act. If they're anything like Tony, they'll find her irresistible...

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Rave Reviews for Perfect Switch

"There's a rising star on the romantic comedy scene, and her name is Lisa Plumley! She delivers great characters, plenty of laughs and a delicious love story. I give Perfect Switch a Perfect 10!" —New York Times Best-seller Vicki Lewis Thompson

"Perfect Switch is so much fun to read, you will not put it down until the last page is turned. The story is witty, original, tender and sizzles with chemistry. It is a romantic comedy you do NOT want to miss. This author is the greatest. Brava!" —Old Book Barn Gazette

"Four stars! Peopled with marvelous secondary characters, this delightful romance is a funny, engaging read." —Romantic Times

"Lisa Plumley charms with another breezy tale in Perfect Switch and two very appealing main characters in Meredith and Tony. A strong and likeable secondary cast, especially the elder Valentines, one of whom insists that "porn" is the only way to save the studio, add even more fun to the plot." —Bookloons

"Romantic, hilarious, and satisfying! Picking up where Perfect Together left off, Plumley's latest sexy romp puts a fresh spin on the Hollywood scene, ties up a few loose ends, and provides a heartwarming romance for two people who are just made to be together." —Library Journal

"Plumley writes with her usual comic panache in this hilarious sequel to Perfect Together."Booklist

"Perfect Switch by Lisa Plumley is another example of the author's knack for blending wacky humor with touching romance, complete with a dramatic happily-ever-after ending." —The State newspaper

"Twins switching places is a familiar plot device, but Plumley does everything right and gives this story an entertaining zest. The bantering between Meredith and Tony is funny and light, while a supporting cast of characters are zany and endearing. Plumley writes a funny, sexy, heart-warming romance. Add it to your summer reading list—it's one of the season's best." —The Oakland Press

"You'll have to read this delightful tale that often reminded me of an updated version of My Fair Lady meets Cinderella. A guaranteed fun page turning read!" —A Romance Review

"Perfect Switch is perfectly delightful! Ms. Plumley has given us another excellent upbeat novel." —Rendezvous

"Perfect Switch is wonderful! Ms. Plumley brings her readers a contemporary romance that is full of sensual tension between the characters, humour, spontaneity, and family loyalty. Colourful characters, great laughs and amazing characters throughout make Perfect Switch the perfect addition to any reader's keeper shelf!" —The Road to Romance

"Plumley does it again! She gives readers a great ending to the Madison twins. The whole book is packed with humor and romance." —Reader to Reader/New and Previously Owned Books

"Lisa Plumley delivers colorful characters with quick wit and matches them with realistically humorous bumps and blunders along the way. Perfect Switch is a must have for anyone looking for a witty and lighthearted romance." —Romance and Friends

"This book has it all: a hunk of a hero, a shy twin who wants to live like her famous sister just once and a funny, believable storyline. You can't go wrong with LP's newest novel. Just be prepared to chuckle out loud and to want Tony for yourself!" —Contemporary Romance Writers

"Fans will appreciate this amusing contemporary romance that uniquely focuses on pretending to be someone else is not easy. Meredith is a delightful protagonist who struggles to wear Marla's shoes, making for a fine tale!" —Harriet Klausner, The Best Reviews

"This summer, I encourage you to pick up Perfect Switch as a read for the beach, airplane, or Alaskan cruise. It is lighthearted and heartwarming. Make this your first selection for enjoyment during vacation!" —Romance Reviews Today

"If you are looking for a great story with a fast fun storyline and wonderful characters you'll love, then Perfect Switch is one book you'll want to add to your 'to buy' list." —The Romance Reader's Connection

"Author Lisa Plumley has a gift for comedic romance, delighting yet again with Perfect Switch. The perfect blend of tender romance, witty dialogue, and outrageous antics, Perfect Switch comes very highly recommended!" —Wordweaving

"This book is written in Lisa Plumley's typical style. Sexy, but not too explicit. Funny, but not too slapstick. Breezy and lighthearted, it is a very good book!" —

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