Melt Into You

A sexy chocolatier and his under-appreciated assistant discover you can't have too much of a good thing in USA Today bestselling author Lisa Plumley’s delectable new novel…

After ten years of saving her boss's (admittedly gorgeous) butt, stifling her crush, and being endlessly inconvenienced, administrative assistant Natasha Jennings has had enough. True, chocolatier Damon Torrance is every bit as irresistible as the confections created by Torrance Chocolates. The man is sex on a stick dipped in 70% Tanzanian Cacao. But for the sake of her career, her sanity, and possibly her heart, Natasha has to go.

Money, success, women…everything comes easily to Damon. Until Natasha hands in her notice. He needs to get her, and his mojo, back—fast. But from the moment Damon rings Natasha's doorbell and steps into her personal life, he starts feeling things he never has before. For once, the notorious playboy wants to be good. Which makes it extra inconvenient that Natasha is suddenly tempted to try being a little wicked. And the results may be sweeter than either ever anticipated.

Rave Reviews for Melt Into You

"Plumley (Holiday Affair, 2010) has written another delightful story filled with everything her fans expect—likable characters, a great romance, humorous situations, witty dialogue, and a heartwarming story." —Booklist (starred review)

"This is a delightful story with a hero who could easily be a real jerk, but is quite a sweetheart, and a heroine determined to not be hurt by love again, yet can't help herself. Her mistrust of the hero is quite understandable, and his struggle to learn how to be good is entertaining." —Romantic Times (4 stars!)

"Melt Into You is a charming lighthearted romp. The fun in the tale is "demon" Damon’s attempts to behave while now naughty Natasha has other ideas. Fans will enjoy this amusing tale of mojo lost and regained (maybe) if each embraces their love." —Genre Go Round Reviews

"Melt Into You is hilarious and well-worth reading! The characters are adorable and this story will keep you anxiously awaiting more from Ms. Plumley!" —Night Owl Reviews

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