Josie Day Is Coming Home

USA Today bestselling author Lisa Plumley does it again with another sparkling, sexy novel of crazy coincidences—and crazier love...

Her name was Josie, she was a showgirl...

...until the night she Heimliched a martini olive out of fabulously wealthy and eccentric casino owner Tallulah Carlyle. Now Josie Day—proud new owner of one of Tallulah's spare estates—is leaving Vegas behind for...Donovan's Corner, Arizona? Ironically, her "reward" has brought her right back to the dusty hometown she thought she'd left behind forever. Still, Josie's ready to prove there's more to her than feathers and a wicked rumba. She plans to sell the old mansion and use the profits to open a dance school. But first, she'll have to figure out some fancy footwork to avoid knocking heads—and other things—with caretaker and local bad boy Luke Donovan...

It isn't every day a woman like Josie comes strutting into town—which is fortunate, since her presence on the estate has Luke hotter and more bothered than he's been since, well, ever. He's a little annoyed with his Aunt Tallulah, though. This was supposed to be his property to renovate and sell—an opportunity to make good after being cut off from the family fortune. But Josie doesn't have to know least not until Luke figures out a way to make both their dreams come true—and prove that Vegas isn't the only place where taking a chance can change everything...

Josie Day Is Coming Home is a featured Breakout Book in Apple's iBookstore!

Josie Day Is Coming Home | a featured Breakout Book on Apple's iBookstore

Rave Reviews for Josie Day Is Coming Home

"In this heartwarming, often humorous story, the feisty Josie proves that you can go home again —if you've got the right stuff. And once again, the talented Plumley, whose books include Perfect Switch, proves that when it comes to writing romantic comedy, few do it better." —Booklist (starred review)

"Secrets, misunderstandings, and miscommunications complicate this bright, amusing story, which takes a pair of protagonists with opposing goals, adds a host of family upheavals, and lets the off-beat tale unfold. For readers who like their contemporaries with up-front humor, sassy dialog, and small-town settings." —Library Journal

"Turning not-so-perfect, unlikely characters into romance heroes and heroines is Lisa Plumley's forte, and she once again delivers a zany cast who will make you laugh. If you want a light romance that will have you chuckling every few pages, Josie Day Is Coming Home won't disappoint you." —The State newspaper

"Plumley's story is lighthearted, with some serious tug-at-the-heart moments. Josie is upbeat and unbeatable, while Luke is determined and just the sort of guy Josie needs to make that happily ever after ending." —The Oakland Press

"Josie Day is a delight. Plumley writes her lead character using determination, beauty, and notorious appeal. Luke Donovan is simply: sexy, dangerous and fun. They are a wonderful couple." —Contemporary Romance Writers

"Josie Day is Coming Home is an amusing light hearted romantic romp starring two likable protagonists who will remind the audience of the Doris Day-Rock Hudson pillow films." —Harriet Klausner

"Lisa Plumley pens another endearing and fun-filled contemporary romance with Josie Day is Coming Home. Josie Day is a charming woman who finally digs in, more determined than ever to obtain her dream. Luke is a bad boy who is deliciously good and easy to fall in love with. There is chemistry immediately between these characters that have readers rooting for them to come together. Grab a copy of this great story!" —The Road to Romance

"Josie Day is Coming Home proves yet again that Lisa Plumley has the market cornered when it comes to romantic comedy. Josie Day is Coming Home is another winner." —Bookloons

"Upon her arrival at Blue Moon, Josie mistakes Luke for the handyman. Luke, meanwhile, thinks Josie is a real estate lady looking to sell the place out from under him. Typical of Plumley's lighthearted romances, madcap mayhem ensues." —Publishers Weekly

"Josie Day is Coming Home is a success because of the title character. A winner of a love story for Lisa Plumley!" —Reader to Reader/New and Previously Owned Books

"Ms. Plumley has given readers a light hearted, fun and fast paced read. If you want a light-hearted, easy read with funny moments, then be sure to add Josie Day is Coming Home to your book shopping list." —The Romance Reader's Connection

"Just right when you need to take your mind off your own hectic life." —The Facts newspaper

"Are you a fan of romantic comedies? If you are then you need to be sure not to miss the newest release from author Lisa Plumley, Josie Day Is Coming Home." —A Romance Review

"Two lives, two dreams, one mansion, and a whole-lotta love and humor lie at the heart ofJosie Day Is Coming Home. For an absolutely charming way to fill a weekend, pick up your copy!" —Romance Reviews Today

"Josie Day is Coming Home is a heart-touching, funny story. Do you like chicklit or contemporary romance? Then be sure to read Josie Day is Coming Home!" —Euro-Reviews

"This book packs quite a wallop! Ms. Plumley has a distinctive style and writes charming, humorous tales. Read, enjoy, and laugh a lot!" —Rendezvous

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