Her Best Man

When mischief is in the air...
It was just supposed to be a friendly little kidnapping. Desperate to keep her best friend from marrying a gold-digging hussy, heiress Macy Vandevier-March arranged to have the groom abducted, then carted aboard her family's private jet for a little cross-country tour till he came to his senses. But Macy's good intentions are definitely paving the road to hell, because the man she's just uncovered at 27,000 feet is ruggedly handsome, dark, and blissfully unaware of his predicament. He's also the wrong guy....

Love is sure to follow
Dex Haven is sure he must be in heaven. Where else would he find blue sky and such a beautiful blonde peering closely at him? Then he remembers that face belongs to Macy Vandevier-March, super-rich heiress and totally beguiling screwball. There's no way he's letting the wacky little princess stop a wedding that could ruin the reputation of his café dating service, The Hip Sip. Dex has his own plan for stopping Macy. But strange things happen when you're floating in the clouds, and this is one wild ride that could take two hearts to an unexpected destination...a rendezvous with love...

Rave Reviews for Her Best Man

"Her Best Man is simply the best. It's a delightful, lighthearted romance that's bound to tease and please everyone...irresistible!" —Old Book Barn Gazette

"Four stars! A madcap misadventure...that manages to combine zany with sexy and come out as delightful!" —Romantic Times

"Lisa Plumley...has found her niche in madcap romantic comedies. The action is nonstop, the sexual tension sizzles, and the repartee is right out of Gable and Lombard, or Tracy and Hepburn. Light and satisfying fare for readers who like to laugh while they read." —Affaire de Coeur

"A superbly written, vivid story as only Lisa Plumley can tell, with her trademark humor, sophisticated style, and flair for the unusual. A classic destined for the keeper shelf of every romance fan!" —Rendezvous

"Ms. Plumley's sense of humor is marvelous and her characters are simply delightful. The story flies by like a flash while you're enjoying yourself immensely!" —The Belles and Beaux of Romance

"With her books you'll...find rich details and a lot of laughter." —Beyond The Cover

"A lively romantic comedy, Her Best Man delivers love and laughter in the style of the screwball comedies of the 50's...its delightfully zany, humorous quality makes it well worth reading!" —Romance Reviews Today

"[The] pace is fast, the sexual tension is off the charts, and the repartee is right out of the classic romantic comedies. Lighthearted fare for romance lovers who get a kick out of romance!" —Painted Rock Book Reviews

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